The Great Competition

Most of my games these days are two players. I get the occasional 3+ game in, but it’s just a fact of my busy life that it’s easy to set up games with 2. Most of the time this is with my girlfriend, Knerd. We get pretty competitive.

Knerd Netrunner
Weyland can be so frustrating!

I’ve decided to start keeping a tally of the winner of each of our 2-player games, both to rub it in the loser’s face, and because it’ll be neat to see who’s better at which kinds of games. The tally follows:


Netrunner: Danimeeple 9, Knerd 7

Agricola: Danimeeple 2, Knerd 1

Sushi Go: Danimeeple 0, Knerd 3

Citadels: Danimeeple 2, Knerd 3

Castles of Burgundy: Danimeeple 1, Knerd 1

The Capitals: Danimeeple 1, Knerd 0

Twilight Struggle: Danimeeple 1, Knerd 0

Innovation: Danimeeple 0, Knerd 1

Thumb War: Danimeeple 2, Knerd 0


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